Bring the Light into Your Home all Year Round

There's no doubt about it, we all love the summertime. The longer days and hours of sunshine (hopefully in the UK anyway) both contribute to making us feel happier and more relaxed. But this feeling of wellbeing doesn't have to be confined to four months of the year. With a few adjustments around the home (not all of them major or expensive) we can enjoy more daylight even when the days grow shorter.

Patio Doors

Whether your choice is for bi-fold doors, the currently popular Crittall metal framed doors, or something more traditional, there's no doubt that opening up a whole wall to glass will let in the most amount of light. In may be the most expensive and disruptive option on the whole, but the effect is life changing. It will bring the garden right into the house, rain or shine.

Roof Windows

Probably the easiest structural change to make is to add a roof window. They are relatively simple to install and make a phenomenal difference to the amount of light in a room. Some, such as the Solstro from, come with a ventilation slot, enabling on-demand passive ventilation all the time. And another hidden benefit is that the window is designed to allow quick and easy access to your roof in case of emergency.

Glass Internal Doors

If you have rooms that don't have an external wall and are dark and dingy even in the summer, the answer may be to change the internal doors. This is particularly effective for hallways and stairs and the doors can become design features in themselves.


Mirrors are enormously effective at throwing light around a room and are relatively inexpensive too. Placed opposite a window, or better still next to it, they can almost double the amount of light. And if you have a particularly pretty view you are bringing the garden in too.

Shutters and Blinds

What you have at your window can also make a difference. Heavy curtains do block light. Blinds are better if you really do need to maximise that daylight but they have limited flexibility if you need light AND privacy. Plantation blinds are more effective at controlling the light coming in and can also shield your home from prying eyes.

And one last little tip. Clean your windows often. You'd be amazed at the difference it makes.

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