Buying A New Fridge-Freezer With LG UK And Sarah Slade

When it comes to kitchen design, striking a balance between charm and practicality can be a real challenge. We must consider design fundamentals such as shape, colour and size, yet on the other hand, we need to choose appliances and utensils that offer high quality and great value for money.

So for design-conscious homeowners, the challenge of choosing a new fridge or fridge-freezer can be a daunting one. Should your choice focus on utility or style? Is it possible to design your kitchen around such a large appliance? And what about your existing fridge – is there any way you can update this piece to help it match your kitchen’s theme?


If you’re struggling to find advice on choosing a fridge or fridge-freezer that complements your kitchen, LG UK’s new buyers guide could be just what you’re looking for. Working together with interiors expert Sarah Slade, contributor and former focus editor for ELLE Decoration UK, LG has provided an invaluable resource for fridge-freezer buyers.


Sarah’s advice includes some enlightening pearls of wisdom. “Be cautious of putting a freestanding fridge-freezer at the end of a kitchen in an open-plan space,” she says in one example. “Especially if you’re not linking it to the surrounding scheme. If you do, it may have the appearance of a floating metal box.”

For more tips like this, check out the full interview and design guide on the LG website by clicking here.