Aquatica’s Modern and Fashionable Approach to Interior Design, Home Décor and Epic Bathroom Style

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There’s something exhilaratingly special, about walking into a bathroom that you can feel, has been sensationally designed and decorated; a bathroom that has a calming and utter sense of serenity to it, a space in which you live, every day, needs to be gorgeous, tranquil, yet functional and innovative. We truly believe that an epically designed bathroom will make all the difference in your life, and it’s this drive, that keeps Aquatica's team of skilled designers ‘in touch’ with everything they require, in order to design, create and bring into existence, the bathroom of your dreams. With a driven and fresh minded passion for creating some of the most legendary bathrooms you’ve ever laid your eyes on; Aquatica has gathered designers who are all superbly skilled, proficient, and fashionably intelligent, specifically, when it comes to the intricate and delicate talent that is needed, to compose a perfect scale of timelessness to the interior design and décor, of a sublimely elegant bathroom.

Aquatica has built their inherent success on a number of distinguishing factors, one of the most important ones, being their refined and innovative way of dealing with their worldwide clientele. By being able to devise, discover and initiate influences, from across the globe; as well as bringing in designers, who all possess a certain knowledge, artistry and expertise; reigning from a lavish selection of cultural and worldwide influences - into an effective and strong team of extremely talented people. Aquatica has successfully, created a functioning, formable and fashionable company, which has gained international recognition, in both, the interior design and home décor industry. 

Our elegant and global approach to interior and bathroom design, reigns from our pure devotion and passion to delivering, not only the finest, but the most durable bathroom pieces on the market. One of our missions, is to seek out only the finest and highest of qualities when it comes to components and materials being used in the design of our bathroom ware. We believe that all of our products are an accomplished portrayal of what we stand for – a range bathroom ware that will stand the test of time, because of its superb durability and endurance, but a range which has also been crafted and designed, with the environment in mind. All the materials that our designers and manufacturers use in the creations of these phenomenal bathroom ware products, have either been brought in from the United States or Europe, and are continuously put to the test, so that we can promise our clientele the high end standards that they expect from Aquatica.

When you invest in a hand crafted piece of bathroom ware from Aquatica, you’re not only getting a hand crafted, meticulously designed, and exquisitely unique bathroom piece, but you, yourself are creating the bathroom of your dreams, and a bathroom that will be of such superior quality that you’ll be spending a lot more time in the bath then you ever have before. Detailed and precise attention to detail is what Aquatica strives for. With every single product that comes out of our European manufacturing base, being visually scrutinized and tested by our team on a daily basis, in order to stick to the core beliefs of craftsmanship at Aquatica. Making sure that our passion for perfection is shown in the bathroom ware that we deliver to our clientele, and that every single piece arrives in pristine condition. 

With our American and Canadian based clientele, having the ease and comfort of being able to log onto, they’ll be able to browse our sleek, innovative and exceptionally crafted, range of products from the comfort of their home. Due to the fact that our internationally influenced range of bathroom and interior design products, have their roots in the Eastern European culture, design and lifestyle, we’ve also launched our regional website, making the selection choices for our clientele simpler and easier to navigate. All of our websites have been designed with ease and simplicity of use in mind, plus we always have a sales consultant online, ready to help our clientele, in a number of different languages.

Allowing Aquatica Bathrooms into your home, is one of the most rewarding and exceptionally elegant moves you will ever make towards creating your epic, dream bathroom, so what are you waiting for?