Caramel and Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Truffles

Who can resist a chocolate truffle? Not us for sure. Which is why we're on a quest to indulge our tastebuds but not completely ruin our diets. These caramel and peanut butter, dark chocolate truffles are the nearest you can get to guilt free indulgence. Oh, go on then.

Makes 36 truffles


500g pitted dates (we use Iranian juicy dates)

4 TBSP coconut oil

200g peanut butter (we prefer lightly salted peanut butter)

200g dark chocolate, 70%


1.       Blend the pitted dates with 2 TBSP of melted coconut oil in a food processor, until you get a paste consistency.

2.       Make balls out of the paste, we estimate 36 portions however feel free to make them whatever size you’d like. Press the top of the ball with your thumb to create a little dent. Place the peanut butter in the dent you have created.

3.       Place these balls in the freezer for 10 – 15 minutes, or until they firm up.

4.       In the meantime, gently melt the dark chocolate., until you have a nice liquid out of it.

5.       Take your balls out of the freezer, and pour the melted chocolate over them, covering them completely.

6.       Place the chocolate covered truffles in the fridge to set, at least 15 minutes.

7.       Keep truffles stored in the fridge for up to a week. Make sure you serve from cold.

This recipe is courtesy of Mojo Health Bar, Soho, whose aim is to create an “irresistibly healthy” experience for you. Their mission is to find the perfect balance of nutritious yet delicious food.