Catapult Your Home Sale With These 7 Smart Steps

So after much thought and consideration you've decided it's time to move out & sell your home. This task in itself is humongous and with so much to do it's hard to know where to begin, however, putting aside all the legals and just focusing on how you can get your home ready to sell first is a great starting point!

To kick things off, as a general rule you should remember preparation is key. If you have everything ready and done before people start viewing your property things will go much more smoother.

First impressions are everything when it comes to property, if your house looks appealing not only will your property sell quicker but you potentially have it's value increased in the eyes of a buyer.

Every house has it's own unique look and feel and each comes with it's own set of strengths and weaknesses. Your goal should be to highlight everything good about your property so it takes attention away from any of it's drawbacks. With that being said, let's take a look at some ways you can prepare your home for sale!

1) Declutter, Declutter, Declutter!

Every home will have some form of clutter but when it comes to selling your property you need to rid yourself of it. Clutter does nothing good for a property apart from making it look small and messy. 

Look around every area of your home and remove anything extra that does not need to be there. It may end up piling up so you could ask a friend or family member to look after your things for a short while. The other alternative is to hire out a temporary storage container until your house has been sold. 

Sometimes people forget their biggest form of clutter is too much furniture – yes extra furniture counts as clutter! It makes rooms looks smaller so it's important to remove what you can while your home is on sale & potential buyers are conducting viewings.

2) Follow the light!

Good lighting will almost always make a house look more inviting. It gives homes a warm, cosy and homely feel which many people look for when searching for a home.

A few easy and quick things you can do to incorporate light into your home include:

  • Keeping the blinds/curtains open during viewings.
  • Adding in smaller light fittings (in corners, on tables or on walls).
  • Increasing bulb wattage so the light spreads further.
  • Replacing older fixtures with newer, brighter ones.

3) The kitchen is the most valuable room in the house

A study carried out by Lloyds bank a few years ago showed that the kitchen is the most valuable room in the house and this still remains true to this date. It is often a deciding factor between couples when they are looking to purchase a new home.

This being said, the kitchen can be very costly to replace. If yours is in need of some work a cheaper alternative you can do is change just the cupboards or worktops rather than the whole kitchen. Also, if needed, be sure to give it a fresh lick of paint. 

In addition, when you have a viewing coming up try to strategically place some of the larger appliances or remove them completely so it makes the kitchen look and feel bigger.

4) Neutral and lighter colours do not have to be boring!

You will often see – when it comes to selling neutral colours are the way to go. It allows potential buyers to envision their own ideas and plans on the house easily. 

These days neutral does not only mean the dreaded “boring” cream, white & beige. You want to make your home look and feel warm. Do some research and see what colours you can choose from and then pick one that you like.

5) Make the rooms look bigger

We touched on this earlier in the article, one of the main culprits for clutter is too much furniture. To begin with you need to start removing any extra or any bulky furniture that is not essential for viewing purposes.

Once this is done you can start placing your furniture more strategically so it makes your rooms look and feel bigger. A few things you can do to accomplish this include:

  • Move furniture away from the walls
  • Be sure to use any forms of hidden storage to hide extra stuff
  • Pull your blinds or curtains and expose your windows to give rooms more depth

6) Fix, deep clean and shoo those smells away

Put yourself in the boots of a buyer and look around your house. Try to remember the things you noticed when you bought your very first house. Use some carpet, air or even furniture freshers, fix any loose ends or furniture and replace any particularly bad areas entirely if you have too. Remember this is an investment so getting the right balance even if it involves spending some more money will pay off later!

It could be something as small as changing a door knob or as big as repainting a whole room. You need to give your home the best possible chance of appealing to potential buyers so every little matters.

7) You're not just pimping out the house but the land as well!

It's all well and good making the inside of your home look appealing but the outside is just as important. It is not uncommon for potential buyers to do a 'drive by' around a home they are thinking about viewing. If the outside is poorly managed and looks unappealing, it could very well put them off the whole home.

Simple things like mowing the lawn, tidying up bushes and adding small cosmetics or plants can go a long way in making your home look more welcoming from the outside.

So there you have it, 7 solid ways to help you prep for a sale! 

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