Choose The Right Lift For Your Home With The Home Lift Experts

Nowadays, if you want a home lift, you do not need to be super rich and you do not need to make many compromises on space either.

Home lifts are available to buy and install quickly and easily. They come in a range of styles and sizes with designs ranging from semi-transparent to a completely seamless, panoramic travel experience.


In response to an increase in demand, a new, comparison-based website Home Lift Experts has launched to offer practical help and guidance to anyone making choices on the installation of a domestic lift.

If you are considering how a home lift could work for you, the Home Lift Experts website covers off the most popular FAQs, pricing, sizing, detailed technical data and information on the installation process and after care.

The new website currently offers comparisons on the top three UK home lift brands who are leading the march in terms of innovation and design. Whether you are working to a budget or money is not an issue, the Home Lift Experts team can advise on the best domestic lift solution for your lifestyle and personal requirements.


For high performance, prestige and beauty, the Home Lift Experts website showcases the German-engineered Lifton Home Lift which, with its trend setting design and high-tech features, provides that extra bit of wow-factor.

For advice on multi-floor lifts, Home Lift Experts go into detail on Artico Home Lifts - a Scandinavia domestic lift specialist with a range that can travel between two and six floors – perfect for townhouses. Home Lift Experts explains how best to take advantage of these flexible lift systems which can be fully customised all the way down to the floors, the doors and the walls.

The third home lifts specialist which is explored in fine detail is Stiltz Home Lifts. This business is responsible for the explosion of interest in home lifts in the UK as it was the first to introduce the stilts-based, self-supporting compact home lift on easy glide rails, designed specifically for home use. Elegant and affordable, the Stiltz Home Lift is light years away from the boxy, bulky, hospital-type lifts which were previously only available to homeowners. Design and innovation go hand in hand with eight different models to choose from, including a thru-car option for maximum convenience and maneuverability. 

If there is anything you want to speak to a home lifts professional about, Home Lift Experts also has a customer care centre with advisors who can help you work through your options. Once you have made your choice, they will even provide you with a central contact at one vendor who will take you through from installation to completion.