Choosing The Right Window Shutter Material For You

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The interior design you choose for your home is an immensely personal thing. It can be incredibly hard at times to choose certain things from colour schemes to fixtures and fittings. When it comes to window coverings, we truly believe there’s only one choice and that’s window shutters

While that would leave most to believe a simple decision is ahead, it couldn’t be further from the truth for the simple fact that choosing window shutters in general opens up a whole world of choices, beginning with of course, window shutter material. 

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Window Shutter Materials: What’s The Difference?

Whether you’re unsure of what material will look best or are looking for a specific functionality, there are numerous different materials to choose from that will suit your needs, style requirements and budget. 

In order to find the best material for you, it’s worth looking at the different materials available and what sets them apart from the others. Let’s take a look at just some of the materials available to you with the help of experts within the field, Diamond Shutters.


Wood is one of the most common choices when it comes to window shutter material, especially solid window shutters. It’s hard wearing, provides aesthetically pleasing features within the grain and texture of the wood and offers a more traditional feel in traditionally styled homes. Wood is also very versatile in that it’s insulating, sustainable and stylish. 



Plastic is often used in bathrooms within tracked window shutters for obvious reasons. The plastic is able to withstand a high level of moisture and humidity. Plastic can also be incredibly sturdy in ways woods may not, allowing for a much longer louver design for instance.


MDF is engineered, made out of compacted hard and softwoods. Not only does it make it incredibly strong but also much cheaper in comparison to its other wood siblings. Despite its cheaper cost, it certainly doesn’t look it and what’s more, MDF can often very easy to maintain. With the right coating and care, they can be incredibly long lasting and hard wearing against damage and moisture. These suit a more contemporary interior.


Hardwood usually refers to very specific woods such as beech wood and oak. They’re among the most strong and robust making them incredibly hardwearing. Hardwood is usually a preferential material when people consider durability and elegance of the utmost importance. Depending on the look you’re going for, you can choose different weights of hardwood. Lightweight hardwood is often light in colour but rich in texture, ideal for those looking to enhance the light.

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Looking For Quality Window Shutters?

If you’re looking for a quality window shutter in a specific material, perhaps one you’ve read about above, then we suggest you call the experts at Diamond Shutters. They boast a huge amount of expertise within the field of window shutters, so you can rest assured that you’re in the most knowledgeable hands who’ll not only ensure quality but will guide you in making the best decision to suit your style and practical needs. Call 020 83022447 today.