Christmas Decorations Inspiring Ideas

Christmas doesn’t have to be about glitter and glamour. Adopt a back to basics approach to the holidays this year with some home made decorations, some good old fashioned baking and some artful displays.

A cluster of metallic and dark green vases look even better for their simplicity. Spray paint a few twigs from the garden and just add a ribbon.

Baubles casually displayed on a brass tabletop will look even more eye-catching once the lights dim; allowing the warm colours to glow in candlelight.

Hand Made Wreath

You will need...

Thin twigs from the garden


White spray



Glue Gun

Ribbon to hang the wreath


Gather twigs from the garden and gently bend into a circle shape and secure with wire. Spray white. Using a leaf template, trace onto grey paper and cut out leaves. Attach the leaves onto the wreath with a glue gun. Layering as you go. When one side is done, repeat on the other side. Hang with ribbon.

Paper Tassles

You will need...

Crepe paper




String to hang

Cut a sheet of crepe to 60cm to 25cm. Fold in half.  With the scissors cut strips of fringe, each about 1cm wide, leaving 5cm of uncut paper left at the folded edge. Open up the paper with fringing either side with a solid section in the middle. Start to roll the paper, using the solid centre. Be careful not to tangle the fringing. Then curl it on itself and twist over the string to secure.


Photographs by Andrew Boyd, styling by Claire Boyd. Taken from the Heart Home winter 2013 issue.