Classic Shaker Kitchens

There is always something so timeless about a shaker kitchen. It's contemporary simplicity always gives it that extra appeal. The best part of a shaker kitchen is that it is so versatile. It can look just as good in a country home as in a city flat. 

You can never go wrong with a cream and white shaker kitchen. Always so popular and  perfect if you're going after a timeless look. We are currently loving Wrens range of cream kitchens.  However if you are feeling a little adventurous you can always go for a pastel toned kitchen. These can look so pretty and also cosy.

It is always so fascinating to see that the Shaker design originated from a religious movement that began in the 1770s during the American colonial era. The design tends to avoid any flourishes of style in favor of a simple and functional aesthetic. The simple and clean lines of Shaker cabinets lend themselves to placement in modern or contemporary kitchen designs, despite their traditional origin. And that is what we love about the shaker kitchen