Combating the Heat so You Can Sleep in Summer

We tend to switch up our bedroom textiles with the changing seasons, not merely because we want to stay in trend and seasonally on point, but also because our bodies and our ability to sleep is often greatly impacted by temperature. Therefore, as temperatures drop in autumn and winter, we “winter proof” our bedrooms by adding a thicker duvet and piling on the blankets and pillows; anything to keep ourselves warm, cosy, and comfortable enough to get the sleep that we need. Of course, in spring, when temperatures begin to rise, we ditch the heavy duvet and extra blankets for something thinner, lighter, and more breathable. What can you do to combat the extreme heat of some of those hot summer nights that leave you lying awake wishing for sleep? Piling on is easy, but taking off is not as simple. So here are some tips and tricks to make your bed more “summer proof.”

Our Three Bedroom Textile Tricks to Keep you Cool

On those hot summer nights, trying to keep cool as a cucumber is no easy task. Of course, there are a lot of great tricks that you can implement, like putting your sheets in the freezer, taking a cold water bottle to bed, or getting creative with fans. However, there are a few ways that your bed itself – or how you choose to adorn it – can play into keeping you cool.

  1. Use Cotton Linens
  2. Stay away from silk and polyester sheets, and go for cotton. Not only do good cotton sheets feel more lightweight, but they promote better ventilation, will feel more breathable, and absorb moisture – like sweat – all aspects which will keep your body cooler.

  • Invest in a Heat-dissipating Mattress
  • Although you aren’t likely go out and buy a new mattress just because it’s summer, you should keep the season in mind when you do need to replace your mattress (which should be every 10 years). When you invest in a mattress that is incredibly comfortable and designed for good airflow, like this one is, you are investing in something that will help you achieve a great night’s sleep all year round. As with any type of purchase like this, be sure to read reviews before buying to hear about other peoples’ experiences first. This blog also goes into great detail with regards to the unboxing and initial thoughts of the mattress.

  • Try a Different Kind of Pillow
  • Give a buckwheat hull pillow a chance. Trust us, this is actually a lot cosier than it sounds. Aside from giving great support, buckwheat hull pillows promote good air circulation and absorb sweat and moisture, unlike a cotton or down-filled pillow. Both of these characteristics will keep you a great deal cooler on those hot and balmy evenings. There are many places where you can buy these online, or you can actually make it yourself if you are feeling up to the challenge.