Comfortable Minimalism for Your Living Room

While we don’t all love strict Scandinavian minimalism, we are all familiar with the phrase less is more. With British homes getting smaller and smaller, a well-balanced space and furniture arrangements are becoming more of challenge. Due to less space being spare, multifunctional furniture and space-efficiency are becoming key selling points.

Utilising a maximum amount of space in your home doesn’t always come as a result of vertical and horizontal arrangements such as shelves or chests of drawers. Often using comfortable furniture to suit your needs can harmonise your space, and let you enjoy the furniture the way you want to. Utilising your space doesn’t always mean that you need to spend many hours on DIY projects either. Often all it takes is just to change up your furniture!  

Using bean bags in interior design may at first sound like something from the late 1990’s. However, fashion turns in cycles. Incorporating that lovely bean bag you have seen is not an impossible task anymore. Bean bags from BeanBagBazaar range, for example, introduces a wide range of soft functionality for your home. The items can transform your coffee table into a comfortable stool, for instance, or perhaps a soft book holder. Also, the company has more than a hundred colours and styles to choose from, which allows you to incorporate their functionality into your contemporary home stress-free. 

Incorporating fur throws and carpets into interior design has become considerably popular too, with the sheep skin thrown on the floor especially becoming almost a must for every home.

However, fur is utilised more functionally in industrial interiors to soften the look and introduce a home-like cosiness into the surroundings. Using fur bean bags for such rough loft environments can also eliminate a majority of problems faced with the traditional fur covers and throws. Furthermore, using fur bean bags can help save a load of space in your apartment and provide a comfortable seating arrangement in almost any space of your home. You can change it up to with double bean bags too, in order to introduce a more intriguing piece of furniture in your home.

Keeping on the topic of fur bean bags, these can also be used in the children’s rooms for sitting or sleeping arrangements to keep your kids happy. 

Whatever interior home improvement you make, bear in mind that keeping your abode cosy and functionally balanced with your choices of furniture will help you keep your head straight and relaxed.