Create a Welcoming Home for Overnight Guests

We know it's a little early to start mentioning the 'C' word, but it's never too early for a little forward planning in our book. So it you are expecting overnight guests over the holiday period it might be worth more than a passing thought now. You'll thank us in the end. 

Oregan large sofa bed, £1,369, Multiyork.

1. Now's the time to get done all of those little decorating jobs that you have been meaning to get around to all summer. Maybe a fresh coat of paint in the most used areas of the house? Warm colours are always welcome during the winter months and can do wonders for a tired decorating scheme.

Winter warming cushions from a selection at Multiyork.

2. Add a few new accessories to make the living room and guest bedroom more comfortable. You can never have too many cushions we feel. You can always keep some in the cupboard ready to chop and change around with the onset of a new season. And adding a throw or two on the sofa and armchairs will look and feel luxurious as well as having a practical purpose on chilly nights.

3. If you are expecting guests to stay over and don't have a spare bedroom, a sofabed will be a godsend. But you do have to think about ordering a new one now as some companies will take six weeks or more to deliver.

Oregan large sofa bed, £1,369, Multiyork.

4. Make sure you have enough bedlinen to cope with the holiday period. Nothing beats the feel of crisply ironed sheets and it will make guests feel cosseted. As will a couple of plumb feather filled pillows. But beware, they may never want to go home!

5. Don't forget the little extras to make a good night a great one. A carafe and glass will keep water to hand, a pile of books or magazines, and a good tablelamp are all welcome additions and will make overnighters feel particularly at home.

You're welcome.