Creating A Magical Space For Your Children

With lots of creativity and imagination, you can transform your child’s bedroom into something magical. We thought we’d share our favourite tips for organising and designing a playful, inspiring kid’s room for parents on a budget. We fully believe re-vamping a room, any room, doesn’t have to break the bank with a little thought and careful planning; keep things interchangeable and temporary and always aim to keep the big stuff the same. So it’s definitely worth investing in a bed, lighting, neutral wall paint and flooring. From there, you can adapt sort furnishings and accessories to suit your child’s style as they grow up.

Here’s our top tips for creating an enchanting space for your little ones:


1)      Create a continuous art station where your child can experiment with their creativity. You can easily pick up wooden tables from second-hand furniture shops or markets and re-vamp if needed. Ensure there’s plenty of space for pens, paintbrushes, paint, scrapbooks, sketchbooks and storage for paper and card. If there is space available on the wall behind, mount a chalk board so your child can keep track of all their creative projects and pin them up once completed. Compliment the space with a chair designed in a similar style to the table – and if wooden – encourage your child to help you design a cushion to place on the chair.

2)      Be sure to decorate your kid’s bedroom with multiple kinds of lighting. Overall lighting is a necessity but reading lights and other hot-spots will require additional lighting. Ask your child to help you design lampshades in various fabrics – don’t be afraid to mix and match colours and patterns. Patchwork shades are really simple to make and cost effective if you have scraps of fabric lying around.

3)      Removable wall stickers are becoming ever more affordable and open up opportunities for your children to put their stamp on a restricted area of the bedroom that is usually a target for paint or pen attacks. To keep the room balanced, try placing wall stickers on a wall where the bedroom is less busy. So if you create an art station as per above, make sure the stickers are at the other side of the bedroom. Your child’s room needs at least one area where the atmosphere is calm and soothing. With temporary wall stickers you can have peace of mind knowing you don’t have to fix your child’s DIY decorating at a later date!     

4)       Bookcases and wardrobes really are essential furniture features in a child’s bedroom. Again, this type of furniture can be picked up at markets and reinvented to look the part in the room. Ask your child to help paint the furniture and suggest they personalise them with handprints and fingerprints. Or, paint a snazzy design on the outer edges of the bookcase or on the doors of the wardrobe.  

5)      Naturally, children are collectors. To make this pastime easy try hanging pictures, artwork and postcards from string in front of a window or clip them to string and hang just below the ceiling to create interactive bunting. If you or your child would prefer more traditional bunting, create some triangular templates for your child to draw or paint on then decorate further with fabric or glitter.

6)      Finally, to help keep your kids organised make sure all furniture and accessories are within their reach. Closet storage, coat racks, chairs, benches and toy boxes should all be accessible so you can encourage them to keep tidy. Load up with storage boxes where possible so areas of the bedroom like the art station can be tidied up after a day’s creativity.

We hope you find our tips helpful! Do let us know if you have any further tips or would like to share your own redecorating projects.