Creating a Pillow Menu for your B&B

When it comes to creating a warm, welcoming, and comfortable experience that your guests will never forget - as the saying goes - the devil really is in the detail. This means understanding the importance of finer details and evaluating what it is that your guests really want.

©Paul Craig for Heart Home mag

©Paul Craig for Heart Home mag

One area that you should absolutely never compromise on is the quality of your textiles, namely the bed linen, bedding, towels, and, of course, pillows – after all, they are key to a perfect night’s sleep.

Of course, not everyone’s idea of comfort is the same, especially when it comes to hotel pillows. Where one guest might prefer a firm pillow for comfort, others may opt for softer options. And then there is the material to consider. Some guests may prefer the feeling of synthetic fillings whereas others want to use natural materials.

With such contrasting preferences you may wonder how to ensure each and every guest who passes through your establishment will have a good night’s sleep. The answer is a pillow menu!

Creating a pillow menu is a sure fired way to set you apart from the crowd and give your B&B a luxurious, unforgettable twist. Hotel supplies are often categorised for convenience in the UK, making it a popular listing method guests are growing accustomed to.

©Paul Craig for Heart Home mag

©Paul Craig for Heart Home mag

Here is our guide to creating a good pillow menu for your B&B…


First things first, it’s always a good idea to start off with a brief description of each pillow on your menu. The description only needs to be clear and should include all of the key information about each pillow, such as the filling type, the fabric of the cover, and the type of support the pillow provides.

To make the menu attractive and user friendly, why not include images of each pillow to help your guests decide which kind they would like to try?


As well as the descriptions and information on the menu, the actual layout is just as important, and it’s essential to keep your pillow menu simple, straightforward and easy to read.

Why not divide your menu into sections such as soft or firm, natural or fibre? This categorisation is ideal for helping guests quickly and easily find what they are looking for.

Another approach is to use icons to indicate the features of each pillow – for example, you could have a hypoallergenic icon to indicate the pillow is suitable for visitors with allergies. Using icons can also help guests effortlessly see how soft or firm a pillow is. The differing levels of pillow comfort are widely considered by industry professionals.

©Chloe Beattie and Dale Broome for Heart Home mag

©Chloe Beattie and Dale Broome for Heart Home mag


To ensure that your pillow menu is useful, effective, and memorable, it’s important to offer guests a variety of options when they make their pillow choice.

Remember it’s all about making sure that your guests have plenty of options at their disposal to find the perfect pillow. That means including everything from goose feather and down pillow types, to siliconized polyester and Tencel filled pillows. Make sure there is something for everyone!

Oh, and you should always ensure your staff are familiar with each pillow on the menu and can comfortably handle any enquiry your guests might have.

By following these handy tips, each and every one of your guests will hopefully enjoy a wonderful nights’ sleep, tailored to their needs.