Creative Ideas for Using Paving Slabs in the Garden

With a little creativity and a dash of inspiration, paving slabs needn’t be anything close to boring. Quite to the contrary in fact, as to treat your garden as something of a blank canvas with which to work is to open up a world of exciting opportunities for improvements.

From paths to patios to points of interest for the garden, there’s really very little that can’t be done with an order of paving slabs and a serving of elbow-grease.

So for those with the desire to try something a little different though perhaps in need of an inspirational nudge, here’s a quick introduction to just a few beautifully creative ideas for using paving slabs in the garden:

Chessboard Effect


First up, why not consider interspersing standard stone paving slabs with green grass squares, in order to create a beautifully impressive chessboard effect? In fact, you need not stick with plain stone paving slabs as you could use almost any colour or design to come up with a uniquely attractive finish.

A Circular Centrepiece

Why not get well and truly creative with the curve stones and create yourself a stunning circular centrepiece for the garden? The resulting feature could be used either as a simple aesthetic focus point, or as a beautiful base for a patio set and summer grill. And when it comes to the various colours, styles and finishes on offer, the opportunities are endless!

Easypave has a huge selection of patio paving and slabs to choose from to suit all gardens and if you’re looking for some inspiration then have a look at their circle patio design ideas.

The Prettiest Path

If you’ve been giving thought to improving your garden with the installation of a path, why not get a little creative with its design? Paths can be as vibrant, colourful and genuinely beautiful as you like, perhaps mixing together paving slabs of multiple sizes and colours to create a uniquely pretty effect. 

Marvellous Mosaics 

Another fantastically creative feature for the garden is that of a mosaic, created using beautifully coloured tiles or paving products and framed using high-quality paving slabs. The real beauty of the outdoor mosaic is the way in which you do not have to follow any specific pattern or rules – totally random and 100% unique results are usually the very best results!

Half and Half

Try to remember that when it comes to improving your garden with paving slabs, there’s nothing to say you have to go all-in or not at all. In this example, the slabs have simply been positioned in such a manner as to create an elegant and minimalist pathway to an equally elegant summer seating area. 

A Second Life

Last but not least, it’s worth remembering that with a little creativity and effort, even broken paving slabs of any given specification can be brought back to life as something beautiful. In this instance, a variety of paving slab bits and pieces have been brought together to create a functional and fabulously stunning outdoor living space.