Decorating Ideas for the Urban Garden

Large, leafy green gardens are often a rare commodity in urban homes, so making clever use of any available space is even more important. This might be a case of clever planting, adding some colour with paint, or simply styling the area to create a welcoming ‘outside room’ that is perfect for dining, relaxing and entertaining.

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Go Vertical

If space is at a premium it makes sense to use that wall space. Here a collection of old frames have been given a coat of paint and used to hold moss and succulents. A gallery wall with a difference!

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Use Pots

With very little soil in urban gardens it makes sense to use pots to create a green oasis. Bigger pots with bigger plants will create more drama (and need less watering), but sometimes a row of pots hanging from a railing can look equally as good. Especially when painted in a rainbow of shades.

Decorating Ideas for the Urban Garden (1).jpg

Use All Available Surfaces

Garden steps can be used to add height to your flower displays too. With the addition of cushions they can even be used as occasional seats.

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Add Colour With Paint

Almost anything can be painted with the right paint and preparation. Matthew Brown, the Sandtex Technical Consultant offers a couple of tips:

When decorating, ensure surfaces are clean and dry. Don’t decorate over something that isn’t sound - a good coating can’t make a poor surface into a good one!”

“Use an appropriate primer that will provide a quality foundation for the paint to sit on. Ongoing maintenance is only needed when the surfaces look dull after cleaning.”

All images and paints used are from Sandtex Exterior Paints.