Easy Giftwrapping Ideas By Jane Means

A beautifully wrapped gift can become a special celebration in itself – whether you are giving a small, token house-warming present or a spectacular piece of jewellery to mark a significant birthday. When wrapping for special occasions, try something unexpected that will make the recipient feel extra special. For children, tie candy canes onto festive gifts; for adults, add a single glitzy decoration.

Try using a glitzy, potentially overpowering metallic of glitter ribbon, then counterbalance it with simple white or pale silver paper to tone it down and add glamour to the overall effect. Partnering similar colours lends a rich elegance to gifts and is a style favoured by luxury brands.

Rich tones and bold colours make an eye-catching statement, but really come together when you add a jewelled embellishment or sparkling decoration.

Maps, classic sports cars and sheet music may all be used to denote special hobbies on gifts for men.

Brown paper makes a great understated canvas and can be embellished with hand-writing or printed with a bespoke design. It’s earthy tones give a warm appearance, and natural elements look great tied on as decorations.

For many, buying and wrapping gifts for boys and men is a challenge. Men love presents that have a personalized or special signature element to them.

Introduce the favourite colours of your recipient in suitable decorations for a personal touch.

Pine cones, feathers and berries can be transformed into luxury embellishments by dusting them with metallic or glitter spray.

Many of us pick a theme at Christmas. The theme will often embrace the table setting, Christmas tree and door wreath as well as the wrapped gifts.

Bring a touch of opulence to ladies’ gifts. This may include tying in vintage brooches or jewels using a ribbon of luxury velvet for a spot of glamour. Hair trimmings and feathers look fantastic too, and can easily be picked up at flea markets and thrift stores.

Extract from Giftwrapped by Jane Means. Photographs by Simon Brow. Available from Jacqui Small, £20.