Easy Kitchen Makeover with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

We all know what a godsend Annie Sloan Chalk Paint has been for revitalising our old and tired furniture. But have you ever considered painting an entire kitchen including cupboards and walls for a very quick and easy update?

We hadn't either until we saw this recent project and all of a sudden it seemed like a such a good idea! The kitchen is probably the most expensive room in the house to completely renovate and in a weekend you could have an entirely new look. Or maybe you are looking to sell and don't want to put potential buyers off with your old and dated units?

For this kitchen, the cupboards, shelves, drawers and table were painted in two coats of Old White. For ease, even the cupboard knobs were painted straight over. Then, when the final coat was dry the paint was ‘knocked off’ in places with folded sandpaper. Finally, a coat of Clear Soft Wax was applied to all painted areas to provide a protective seal. The Wax is also easy to apply – it's simply rubbed on with a lint free cloth or Wax Brush. If you prefer, as well as using a clear coat, you can create a more aged look by using Dark Soft Wax on top of the clear Wax in places.

If you'd rather, a smooth, more contemporary look can be attained with one or more coats of a single colour on kitchen cupboards and furniture, or for a more aged feel - as per our example above - a rustic “chippy” look can easily be achieved.

The walls and ceilings have been painted with Annie Sloan Wall Paint which provides a tough, water-based finish that is washable and even scrubbable, so everyday spills and marks are cleaned off with ease.

Annie Sloan says: “It really is easy to transform a kitchen with my paint and without the disruption of pulling out units. The results are bright, new and unique to you. The financial savings are also huge, I recently received a letter from a satisfied customer thanking me for her cruise as the £5,000 she had set aside for her new kitchen was no longer required as she had done the job with a few pots of my paint and wax!” 

Before photo

Before photo

This kitchen was painted by Agnieszka Krawcyk, a furniture painter from Redesign by Agnieszka in Poland who is one of Annie Sloan’s Painters in Residence