Egg-Tastic Designs From Artafloor

Did You Know? Fried Eggs Are Fashionable It may not surprise you that sunny side up design is going to be trendy this year - it’s been popping up everywhere in the form of statement fashion and unusual artworks. Artist Christopher Chiappa even unveiled an art installation last year of a room covered in 7,000 eggs!


You can cook up some egg-cellent fresh interiors for yourself, too, with Atrafloor's latest design Sunny - the quirky and versatile fried egg flooring.


Show off your taste in tasty modern design by incorporating a pop of canary yellow into your interiors with the out-there egg trend. And the background of Sunny can even be changed by the Atrafloor design team to match your dream colour-scheme.


Atrafloor pattern designs: All flooring is made-to-order and priced at £59.00 per square metre.