Enjoy an Autumn Picnic on the Beach

Just because summer is almost over, it doesn't mean we have to stop enjoying the outdoors! Let's all pledge to get out and about this autumn and enjoy the beach (or park) while we can. There's nothing nicer that a day having a picnic with family and friends or even just an afternoon alone, reading a book. Everything is that much more fun in the fresh air!

So let's pack a basket, take a jacket and get out there.

There's no reason to spend a fortune on a large hamper. Old wooden crates do the job just as well, and old jam jars are perfect for storing cutlery.

Pretty china will make an occasion of even the simplest of picnics.  While a selection of fabric scraps make colourful makeshift napkins.

And a bunch of wild flowers in a simple glass will make you feel at home.

An impromptu windbreak fashioned from wood found on the beach provides a secluded spot for listening to music and leaving work behind.

And don't forget some cosy knits to ensure you can stay out and watch the sun go down. Enjoy!

Photographs: Joanna Henderson. Prop styling: Pippa Jameson

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