Equip Your Kitchen Like a Professional

As more of us become aware of our health, our diets are steadily improving. Countless TV shows and celebrity chefs are also bombarding us with menus and recipes that might have seemed beyond our capabilities a few years ago, but now with a better choice in the supermarkets and state of the art machines and kitchenware becoming more affordable and accessible these options aren’t out of reach.

Choosing the right kitchenware will be essential to you being able to master some of the trickier recipes. Getting a good stock of base equipment to start you off will set you up to learn the more basic meals and dishes and as you go on you can see about adding to your arsenal with more specialized equipment if you feel you really need it.

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We thought we would look at some of the items you might want to invest in to get things started. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get your kitchen, taking a look online will let you see whether the top brands have any seasonal offers or you could visit Groupon to see more deals.

First of all, every well stocked kitchen needs a good knife. There won’t be many dishes that you prepare that you won’t need a knife at some point so investing in a decent knife to start off with should be a high priority.

You will need to look for a balanced handle, solid construction and a full tang. If you aren’t sure what that means it is simply a knife that runs through the handle and is made from one piece of metal.

If you get a good knife early on you might not have to reinvest for some time, so give this one some thought.

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You will also need a set of measuring cups and spoons so you can follow recipes to a tee. This will save you having to weigh absolutely everything on a set of scales but don’t rule out buying scales altogether, a well-stocked kitchen has plenty of room for both.

While it is great to get your hands right in there and feel the ingredients and learn more about them, don’t be afraid to invest in a bit of machinery to help.

A good food processor will help you to whisk, grate, chop, slice and blitz your ingredients quickly and efficiently. These handy, multifunction machines will cut down on the food prep that can really eat up a lot of your time and give you great results that you would struggle to match manually.

Getting back to basics you will want to get a good cutting board. This is easy to ignore or just pick up anything that will do, but when you consider that you will be using it every time you cook it is definitely something you will want to get right.

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You might also want to pick up a stainless steel skillet which will fry, brown, sear and sauté, because it is versatile and used a lot you will want to get a good quality skillet that will last.

Saucepans are essential to every kitchen and you will always find good deals out there. A good quality, lightweight set of saucepans will set you in good stead for your future attempts.

These should give you a good start on getting your kitchen prepared. Getting a good solid stock for your kitchen will let you add and improve as you develop your skills so don’t feel you need to buy everything straight away.

Many great chefs all say that the trick to becoming good in the kitchen is by concentrating on your prep. Good equipment and planning will help you considerably so take a bit of time to look around and figure out exactly what you will need to get started.