Fake It: Faux Flowers from Neptune

Faux flowers have upped their game. Gone are the days of the obviously artificial and thick fabric leaves, instead, fine silk petals that are beautifully hand-painted, supported by thick stems and glossy verdant leaves have taken their place. 

At Neptune, our Flower Shop presents floral stems, green sprigs, knobbly twigs and even potted succulents. We refer to them as being ‘life-like’ as opposed to ‘faux’ or ‘artificial’ because it’s a phrase that’s far more true to their nature. It’s not until you are but inches away that you realise they aren’t the real thing. 

Life-like florals are a simple way to give a room instant lift, standing them in attractive vases upon window sills, console tables or as a dining room’s tabletop centerpiece. They can introduce seasonal colour, or, consider using purely stems of greenery or even a bundle of Willow or Magnolia twigs for a more contemporary statement that requires zero effort to maintain. And because of their bendy stems, they can be looped together for more creative arrangements such as apple blossom as a bower or numerous stems grouped together and suspended over a table for a scene your guests will never forget...