Fall Decorating Tips on a Budget

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Fall is one of the most exciting seasons for those who love to decorate their homes. However, it might also get too costly, especially if you think about how much those faux greeneries and nice-looking and cute pumpkins cost. Fortunately, if you are resourceful enough, you will be greeted with tons of tips and tricks designed to help you achieve an incredible fall style without spending too much.


Here are a few budget-friendly fall decorating tips that will surely transform your home and allow it to give out a charming and beautiful fall season vibe:

1. Use textures and layers

While you can use textures and layers the entire year, the coziness of the fall season somewhat demands such kinds of décor. You do not have to buy new stuff when applying this tip. You can even use the decors that are already part of your home – ex. your throw pillows, baskets, and vases.

You can just layer or group them in a way that it emphasizes the texture you want them to give out. You may also add these textures and layers to make the Amish furniture for your living room emit a nice fall season vibe. With this tip, you can use similar year-round decors (this means you no longer need to buy new ones) but still enjoy an instant feel of the fall.

2. Use cinnamon sticks to wrap candles

If you are looking for inexpensive items that you can use as home décor then you will not be disappointed with cinnamon sticks that you can easily get from the nearest grocery store. The good thing about cinnamon is that it is considered as an iconic spice from the fall season.

With that in mind, making it a part of your home décor will not only make your space look beautiful but also allow it to give out a delicious and festive scent. One way to decorate your home with cinnamon sticks is to use them in wrapping candles. You should then use some twine or raffia as a means of tying them securely.


3. Decorate some parts of your home with popcorn kernels

In most cases, the fall season also indicates the start of harvest, which further means that plant seeds play a vital part of the season. When decorating your home, you may take the harvest period in a literal sense by using popcorn kernels.

Fortunately, you can easily get them at grocery stores at cheap prices. One fall home décor idea using the inexpensive popcorn kernels is to put some of them in a clear vase then end it up with a nicely designed candle. You may also put the kernels in a bowl then top them up with pumpkins.

What is good about the kernels is that they imbibe a rustic look, making them fit a house with a more rustic and classic theme filled with solid wood pieces, like Amish shaker furniture. Such décor can also highlight the fall and harvest feel without requiring you to spend too much.

4. Re-purpose some items in your home

Do so in a festive manner to emphasize the fall feel. For instance, if there is a chalkboard in your home then you may write messages on it that are intended for the fall season. You may also re-purpose used lanterns by filling them with pine cones. In case you own a typewriter, printing a fall quote then tucking it inside is also a great idea. The goal here is to avoid buying new stuff and just use the old ones found in your home then re-purpose them to make them appropriate decor for the season.

5. Gather decors outdoors

You can also check outdoors and find out if there are any elements in there that you can use as décor. For instance, you may carry the natural beauty and color from a nearby park or your own backyard by gathering stuff from there. If you have a garden then collect acorns, pine cones, leaves, and other hearty produce from there.

All of them perfectly suit the earthly tone and palette of the season as well as its harvest theme. Put the organic ornaments and decors in bowls, baskets, and jars then decorate your home with them. If you are creative then you may also use these natural elements to create your own décor for the fall season.

For example, you may use yarn to string all your collected leaves together to produce a colorful and attractive garland. Even simple acts, like filling a colorful vase with leafy branches, are already enough to add fall or autumn feel in your home.


6. Take advantage of neutral color palettes and decors

You are also allowed to use plenty of neutral year-round decors and color palettes if you have a small budget for fall decors. For example, you can make your fall table-scape by rounding up neutral-colored placemats, cream candles, wood chargers, and napkins. Make sure that you can also stash them away so you can use them again for other seasons, like summer, spring, and winter.

7. Buy post-season sale items

In most cases, the seasonal items offered post-season are marked down by up to 70 to 80 percent. You may also get the usual 40 to 50 percent discount that some shops offer for early birds. To further reduce the amount you spend on fall decors, you may also use coupons.

Decorating your home for the fall does not have to be expensive. With the tips here, you will be on your way towards decorating your home in such a way that it has an inviting and warm fall season feel while sticking to your budget.