Feel At Home With Laminate Flooring

Whether your choice is a real wood floor or the realistically alternative laminate flooring, the natural grainy effect can be achieved in both and it admittedly looks impressive and much preferred over carpet for both modern and even traditional homes.

Eating area with doors to patio

Why choose laminate over carpet?

Having a natural looking wood floor oozes beauty and opulence, giving any home a sense of timelessness and class that is further accentuated if complemented with carefully selected furnishings and accessories. 

Most laminated flooring reflects the light coming into the room creating an uplifted and refreshing look and feel that carpet will never provide.

Natural wood effect flooring can be found within a variety of shades, combination designs and finishes to reflect different types of wood, and is often preferred by homeowners for its durability and ease of installation and cleaning; this makes it perfect to install in areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Kitchen in luxury home

Believe it or not, laminate flooring is the most popular choice in the floor category for many homes as well as commercial office buildings, hotels and restaurants. 

Best of all, there’s a limitless range of choice that can almost guaranteed you to find a fit with the look of your home.

Best of Both

If you like the warmth carpet brings to your home you can always throw a nice and cosy rug in the centre of the room or partially tucked under the sofa or bed ideally positioned to comfort your feet.

Bedroom interior in contemporary style

Decorative Tips

Decorating the room with the right furnishings, magnifies the impact of the floor; for a minimalist look, you could consider neutral shades that will give you more choice on choosing your furniture.  

A strong characterised floor will be better appreciated when complemented with simple furnishings such as plain mocha or light shaded leather armchairs with pale ivory curtains that sweep across a dark and deep grained wood floor. 

Family room with wall of windows

Contrasting and bold colours can work too by giving a real punch; for example, if you opt for an accent wall in celery green to go with your dark bamboo flooring, visitors will be struck by how modern and edgy your home looks.

Shopping Tips:

Before you buy, order some flooring samples and place them around the room and try to visualise how the finish complements the overall décor - your reward will be a room with a strong look that will impress any visitors regardless of their taste.

Flooring retailers such as Floors Direct offer unlimited flooring samples for Free but don’t get too excited otherwise you will be spoilt for choice.

This post is in collaboration with Floors Direct.