Feng Shui Tips to Enhance Your Home’s Entrance and Front Door

Feng Shui, a philosophical system of the Chinese origin is a system that harmonizes the energies around us and brings good fortune The front door of the home holds eat significance in Feng Shui, and as per this Chinese science its vital to ensure that your front door looks not only appealing and modish, but is also festooned with certain elements to bring positive energy into the home.

This post shares some easy and practical Feng Shui tips for the front door which will not only enhance its appeal, but also make it a doorway for bringing unlimited opportunities into your home.

Clear the Clutter

It's important to make your home’s entrance look neat, tidy and clutter free. Clear all the clutter from your front porch, outside your front door, yard and pathway to allow positive energy to flow into your home.

Re-Paint Your Front Door

If the paint on your front door is coming out, or it's been a while that you hav painted it, then consider re-painting it. As per Feng Shui, the front door must look inviting and thus, it's imperative that its well-painted. You can choose from an array of colours, likered which, according to Feng Shui is the colour of abundance and prosperity, or green, which symbolizes money and nature or any other colours. Ensure that the colour you choose is in accordance with your home’s overall décor.

Festoon the Door With Modish Furniture

The front door must look very inviting and attractive, so that it can attract the positive energy opportunities, wealth and prosperity. You can choose trendy fitting door furniture or stylish front door handles from Stronghold Direct to enhance the overall appeal of your front door. These chic handles will give a great uplift to your home’s entrance. If required, they can provide you a guide for fitting door furniture, so that you can find out which type of door furniture would be best suited for your home and office, and how you can use it.

Image via @ariannasdaily

Image via @ariannasdaily

Use Plants to Beautify Your Home’s Entrance

Place a healthy, tall plant on either side of the front door, but ensure that it does not block the entrance. It should be placed on the side in a way that beautifies the entire area while bringing positive energy into the home.

Place A Statue Near to Your Front Door

Placing a statue near to the front door or around the entry way of your home brings stability to your home, and gives it protection. You can choose any statue depending on your preference and the home’s overall décor. It can be a friendly animal statue, a ceramic angel or some religious artefact like stone Buddha.

Install A Water Fountain

In Feng Shui, water is considered as the symbol of wealth. Thus, when you install a small fountain with flowing water near to your home’s entrance, it brings positive energy and prosperity to your home. 

Lights and Welcome Mat

Beautify the entrance of your home with a colourful, stylish and trendy welcome mat, so that every time someone steps over it, they find it appealing. Also, hand bright white lights around your home’s front porch to make it look attractive to the opportunities. The lights will not only invite endless opportunities, but will also make your home safe.

Image via @ariannasdaily

Image via @ariannasdaily