ferm LIVING Celebrates Womanhood in a New Series of Ceramic Platters

ferm LIVING celebrates womanhood in a new series of ceramic platters. 

No matter the size, nationality or religion, women all over the world come together in the new Ceramic Platter series by ferm LIVING.    

The tradition of hanging platters on the wall or placing them on a table as an artful centrepiece is revisited in the new series of large plates. With a simple silhouette of a woman, the series celebrates feminity in all its different shapes and forms. Painted by hand with casual strokes, each piece has a unique expression. All platters come with a wall mounting solution, so they both can be hung and placed on a table. The platters are made with a special, rustic clay with a glazing in bright colours. Small variations will occur as each plate is painted by hand and signed by the painter.


The Ceramic Platters come with five different, female silhouettes: Tala, Aya, Dayo, Hessa and Mira, Β£85.