Freshen Up Your Bedroom For Summer

Summer is officially upon us, and this warm weather offers the perfect excuse to bring some seasonal vibes into your home. These tips will not only freshen up your décor for summer, they’ll also help to turn your bedroom into a cool sanctuary – ideal for sleeping peacefully through the night.

1. Pair light, sheer curtains with blackout blinds

Since half the year gives us only grey, dreary weather it’s definitely a relief to have the sunshine streaming through the windows. However, letting in too many rays during the day can heat up your room to unpleasantly toasty temperatures.

To get the best of both worlds, install blackout blinds behind sheer, white curtains. For those sweltering hot days, block out the heat by keeping the windows closed and the blinds drawn. In the evening when the temperature has dropped, lift the blinds and open the windows. With the summer breeze gently playing through the curtains, your bedroom will feel like your very own Greek-island getaway!

2. Go for big, bold and bright

Summertime is a vibrant time and offers an opportunity to be a bit playful with your décor. Vivid colours work best for summer, such as yellow, orange or aquamarine. One or two key features in bold, bright colours will do the trick. Think about throwing a rug on the floor, adding a few cushions on the bed, or setting your summer theme with a seasonal duvet cover.

3. Choose linen made from natural fibres

Stash the satin sheets on steamy nights. Synthetic fabrics offer poor ventilation and lighter materials tend to cling to your skin. During the summer months, swap over to bed linen made from natural fibres, such as 100% cotton or bamboo. These materials are the best choice for breathability and wicking up perspiration to keep you cool at night.

It’s best to stick to lighter coloured linen for the summer. Dark coloured sheets will absorb any sunlight coming into the room, which can make your bed feel uncomfortably warm.

4. Consider investing in a temperature regulating mattress

Summer socialising can leave us all feeling a little sleep deprived. But if you find yourself waking up regularly on hot nights, it’s probably time to evaluate the mattress you’re sleeping on.

The best mattresses for keeping you cool through the night use natural materials to regulate your temperature. Bruno, for example, is a German manufactured foam mattress with a natural latex top layer. Latex, which is naturally hypoallergenic, promotes easy airflow through the mattress to help prevent overheating. And trust the Germans to think of excellent design – the support foam bottom layer is precision cut into 7 different zones which relieve pressure points along your spine, so you can sleep cool and comfortable all night long.

5. Fill your room with summer scents

Fresh cut grass, coconut oil, lavender in full bloom…embrace the season by filling your room with these signature summer fragrances. Fill a bowl with aromatic water, or decorate the room with a few summery scented candles. Or add a pop of colour with a vase of fresh, summery flowers.