Garden Furniture: Dreaming of Summer

Winter is still in full swing and frosty days do not give up yet. Let’s dream about next summer, then, imagining fresh ideas for our new outdoor furniture!  It is time to think of how to arrange the outdoor space in order to enjoy it for pleasant moments of relaxation under the blue sky.

First of all, you must decide how you would like to use and organize your outdoor space. Would you like a garden where growing a small vegetable garden? Or would you prefer a location suitable to hold the many summer parties and dinners you will plan with your friends and relatives? Garden is for you a place where relaxing and reading, maybe while sipping your favourite drink, but also where running and playing with your children. You can combine all these needs by dividing spaces to create smaller areas with specific functions. A relax area with couches, hammocks or rocking chairs where you can rest and chat with friends, taking a break from your busy and sometimes stressful days; a space dedicated to food revolving around garden table and chairs, maybe covered by a huge beach umbrella or a canopy to protect you and your beloved ones from the sun while eating; and also a playground to entertain your children and let them enjoy sunny days. 

Obviously, once chosen the function your garden will take on, you must start considering what types of outdoor furniture you should use so as to furnish it at best from both an aesthetic and a functional point of view. You should focus on weather-resistant pieces of garden furniture, thus on garden tables and chairs resistant to sun and rain, specifically conceived not only to bring a touch of design but also to make durable your garden furniture. Currently, most of the outdoor furniture is realised with technological and synthetic materials characterised by fundamental qualities such as resistance to sunlight and weathering. Moreover, these materials are non-toxic and highly waterproof.

If you have opted for a relaxing outdoor living room, then items such as garden chairs and chaise longue are the ideal complements to create a welcoming atmosphere. An option that well harmonizes with the idea of a relax garden is to choose wood as the material for your furniture. Wood, for tables and outdoor tables, is definitely a valuable choice, as well as ideal for staying in the open air, surrounded by your bright plants and flowers. Wooden garden tables and chairs, in fact, are treated with special coatings that make them resistant to mould and mildew and, above all, waterproof. Another essential thing in a relax garden is the main symbol of summer and of the sweetness of do nothing: the hammock. By now, many models are available on the market, both the classic garden hammock to hang between two trees or two poles and the more contemporary one, equipped with its own supporting structure that allows you to place it wherever you want, even at home or in whatever indoor space. Many garden furniture, in fact, are also practical within the household, both to give a more natural feel to your interior design and to decorate a winter garden, a veranda, or, more simply, a nice balcony or terrace.

Summer is still far (unfortunately): you have plenty of time to think of how to organise at best your outdoor space and what garden furniture to choose to make perfect your own green corner.