Give Your Home a Touch of Charm with an Eco Electric Radiator

If you’re looking to reinvigorate your dated and tired looking radiators and propel your property into modern day style with a touch of energy saving technology then the latest SlimPro electric radiators from My Electric Radiators will do just that. Eco SlimPro electric radiators showboat a minimalistic all white design complementing interiors of all designs.

Historically electric heating has been tarnished with the ‘cost a fortune to run’ brush which may be true of older electric heaters. Yet during more recent years a leading class of eco electric radiators have firmly established themselves as the go to heating product over conventional gas central heating.

Low cost DIY installation

You don’t need a plumber or electrician, you can easily fit them yourself and very similar to installing a wall mounted television. All you need to do is screw a couple of brackets to your wall ready to hang the radiator on, plug in to your nearest everyday three pin plug socket and you are ready to roll. Yes that is quite literally it.

Cheaper running costs than gas

How are running costs lower than gas you may be wondering? Ok so this is where things get a little interesting. So your eco radiator is now installed, plugged in and ready to use, you decide to set your room temperature to 16 degrees. Each radiator has it’s very own built in digital thermostat which monitors and regulates the room temperature with an accuracy of under 0.2 degrees. Once the intelligent thermostat detects that the room temperature is achieved, the radiator turns on to an eco standby mode, consuming no electricity. Furthermore the radiator will only briefly flick back on to maintain the pre set 16 degrees. From an hours worth of heating the radiators might use at most 20 minutes of electricity. Through saving energy you are effectively trimming money from your energy bills as well as a reduction in carbon emissions which is great for the environment.


If you are converting a loft, extension, basement, outbuilding the cost of extending pipes can be outrageously uneconomic. Since there are no pipes it means that there are no expensive tradesman bills! Couple this with cheaper running costs than a gas system why go to the expense?

There is also the added benefit of making the most from the in built program settings which can be finely tuned to set a temperature for each hour of the day on a weekly schedule. Out all day? Save money by programming a lower temperature during the day and a more comfortable temperature for when you return, simple.