Graham and Brown Predicts Design and Colour Trends for 2018

Graham & Brown has recently shared its insights and predictions for design and colour trends in the coming year curated by the in-house design studio. With a passion for discovering new ideas and possibilities for the world of decoration, the wallpaper and paint manufacturer constantly explores the diverse, seeking influence from all spheres in order to help spark the creative process of the design studio. 

So, identifying five key trends for 2018, resident Colour & Trends Specialist, Paula Taylor, shares the movements that will form the backdrop to Graham & Brown’s new collections: Ground, Trace, Bliss, Fluid and Zone.

Graham & Brown  predictions for design and colour trends 2018 - Ground.jpg


Celebrating the raw beauty of what surrounds us, Ground draws inspiration from sensuous tactility, honing in on minute textures that form the basis of life.

Pure, fresh white forms combine with thick, woven detailing and the complex pattern of canework and basket weave. Woodgrains are layered and complemented by untouched, natural finishes, contrasted with fibrous sinews that are reworked into designs.

Integral to this trend is structure and dimension, bringing this organic beauty to life.

Graham & Brown  predictions for design and colour trends 2018 - Trace.jpg


Looking to the sensitive and the ethereal, Trace appreciates the textural layers and trailing form of the world’s landscape and its inhabitants.

The hypnotic lines of the strata and wealth of rich minerals reflect the delicate, linear direction of nature itself. Figure and florals converge in a celebration of rich embellishment, offset with a gently subdued colour palette of lavender pink, arctic blue and cool heather.

Graham & Brown  predictions for design and colour trends 2018 - Bliss.jpg


This trend delves into the luscious forms of vegetation, from opulent botanicals to the sculptural architecture of succulents. Creating a synthesis between the two, Bliss embraces both the enduring and the transient, from dark moody blooms to softer, pretty petals. Vibrant shades of turquoise and parakeet green work with pops of fuchsia and rose to bring this look to life, and can be enhanced by dramatic, dark backdrops.

Graham & Brown  predictions for design and colour trends 2018 - Fluid.jpg


Fluid hones in on the global influences that surround us, celebrating a melting pot of craftsmanship and design. This trend encourages an appreciation of the awe-inspiring skills from around the world: intricate mark-making, weave-dying and bold, graphic elements that bring statement style.

Shades of bright papaya, sapphire and crimson fuse with more subtle, earthier tones of rust and juniper for highly coloured patterns that carry a significant design heritage.

Graham & Brown  predictions for design and colour trends 2018 - Zone.jpg


As urban graffiti becomes a celebrated form of art, so too does the stark, raw beauty of the world’s architecture. Distressed concrete and metals, worn stone and ageing wood contrast with the technical precision of Western buildings. Drawing inspiration from the industrial nature of these structures, Zone merges the whimsical side of street art with its pop art colours and eye-catching graphic elements.

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