Handmade, Artisan Objects in an Array of Materials from Oggetto

Oggetto's collection boasts an array of rustic, artisan items - where the quirks and inconsistencies of each piece establish a bond between the creator and consumer. It unifies objects of many materials, all with one thing in common - they've been assembled, woven, thrown, or blown by hand. Whether it's a wooden stool, a woven lampshade or a porcelain teapot, each item has a focus on individuality and employing historic processes that ensure quality, longevity and craftsmanship.

Where some would see a minor, uneven lip of a mug, or an ever-so-slightly wonky leg of a stool - Oggetto see the time and thought that has gone into the production of an object - each and every mark highlighting the joy of an individual act of making.

[oggetto] Black fish trap pendant light, £75, candle holder, £20, Chesil dining table, from £2,150, ceramic blue carafe, £48, woven placemats, £5.50.jpg

There'll be no need to book high tea anywhere else when your crockery looks this good. 

The pink teapot is the refined, adult upgrade from the dream childhood tea party. Made in England from vitrified earthenware, each pot differs slightly in colour and form as a result of its handmade production. 

This terracotta mug, handmade in Southern India, is the end result of a fair trade initiative to secure employment for artisans from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

[Oggetto] Tableware from Oggetto 1.jpg
[Oggetto] Tableware from Oggetto 2.jpeg
[Oggetto] Terracotta Mugs, £9.95 each.jpg

These organically shaped bamboo pendant lights have been handmade in Indonesia, drawing inspiration from traditional Indonesian fish traps. Their artisanal production is consistent with Oggetto's emphasis on simple, considered pieces that ensure long-standing skills and trades continue to thrive. 

The slight gaps in the bamboo produce a cosy, distinctive light which is cast around the room. The larger two are perfect for creating ambient mood-lighting above a dining table, while the smaller of the three would make a cosy, bedtime companion hung above a bedside table.

[Oggetto] Fishtrap pendant lights, from £60.jpg