How A Self Storage Unit Can Help You Get The Home Of Your Dreams

The wardrobe needs sorted, again. There’s too much tupperware in your drawers, again. The cupboard is so packed with camping gear you can barely see the boiler anymore. If your home feels like a daily obstacle course - then read on because we’re about to dig into some of the amazing benefits of using a self storage unit, and how it can help you get the home of your dreams.

You get to keep your keepsakes, but out of sight

Good news. A storage unit will allow you to keep all of your keepsakes without having to look at them everyday.

You can keep the two old tea sets you’ve inherited from your favourite gran, and still live your life in a scandi flat with clean lines and minimalistic design.

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Moving to a new place becomes a breeze

If you’re a person that moves around a lot, then having fewer things can really make your life easy peasy.

Have you ever had to move from one place to the other and been genuinely surprised with how much stuff you had? You’re not alone.

As years go by, we all accumulate a lot of stuff. Some of which becomes hard to get rid of. Instead of getting rid of old keepsakes and seasonal objects, go ahead and get them in a self storage unit. You’ll be able to access them basically whenever, and they won’t be in your way.

Don’t be tied down by stuff.

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The fewer things you have, the easier it is to keep tidy

The fewer things you have in your home, the easier it is to tidy and declutter.

We usually gather stuff for one of two reasons: because we need/ want it or because it has sentimental value. Now, of course you cannot put the toaster and the laptop in a storage unit, you need these on a daily basis. However, sorting through your things and putting the things away that you do not need on a regular basis is a good idea. Perhaps sort your decorative objects such as tea light holders, fruit trays, and other decor into sets. You don’t hang up your christmas decorations in the summer, why not sort all your decorative items into seasons?

Oh, and rotating your decor regularly makes you feel like you’re getting ‘new’ stuff all the time. Even though you aren’t. Money saver right there.

You can save an awful lot of money on space

If you live in a big city, you’ll know that the price per extra bedroom in a flat is bonkers.

A lot of people actually only need one bedroom (and then of course the legendary air mattress for guests spending the night).

In Glasgow, the average price for a 1 bedroom flat is £545. The average price of a 2 bedroom flat however, is £783. That’s £238 more for one extra bedroom/ month!

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Take Storage Vault in Cambuslang, for the humble price of £31.25/ month, you can rent a 25 sq ft storage unit. That’s a room the size of a shed, and is big enough to fit a large sofa, or 50-60 moving boxes. Renting a storage unit can save you £206.75/ month compared to renting a two bedroom flat.

£206.75 is a lot of money. You can book a holiday every second month, lease an Audi A5 cabriolet, or save £2,481/ year for a house deposit.

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A uncluttered flat mean an uncluttered mind

Being surrounded by clutter is an ongoing cause of stress.

Although some people argue that mess is where they thrive, the general consensus seems to be that a tidy room is a relaxing room. Research suggest that the general consensus is in fact right. For the vast majority of people anyway.

A tidy uncluttered space promotes a clean and clutter free mind. So do yourself a favour, and get stuff you don’t use out of your way.