How Do You Make Your House A Home

With house prices constantly rising up, it has almost become impossible for Brits to buy their own property, therefore renting seems to be the only solution. It does somehow leave a bittersweet taste in your mouth as one really wants to decorate their home as it pleases them. Well the good news is that Shared Ownership is making it easier for first time buyers to finally own a place of their own in London. No more renting means it’s up to you how your new home looks and you can put those DIY and interior design skills into practice at last.

First-time buyers who have invariably spent all their cash on a steep deposit, find themselves looking for thrifty, creative and out-of-the-box decorating ideas, without doing anything to upset their landlord or risk their investment. So here a few with styling ideas and simple makes, that will help anyone settle into their new home.

Mix and Match

Forget the rules about matching furniture sets. When you’re setting up a new home, why not adopt a more carefree approach, thinking outside the box and helping you create a far more interesting space. Don’t worry about buying chairs – hunt down second-hand wooden chairs, and paint one each in different colours.

Storage space

If space is limited, make the most of every tiny corner. Think about ways to make the most of your storage space. Why not run shelving right up to the ceiling, using every last inch of space possible. Also look around the room and think of ways of employing multi functional space. Perhaps use a chest of drawers in place of a sideboard, or simply a stool used as a coffee table but turns into additional seating when guests visit.

The word storage can sound ugly but doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style. For example if you need the space under your sofa, keep things neat and chic in pretty vintage baskets. It will look pretty and space effective.

Go green

Okay, so it might mean a little bit of extra work, but filling your home with plants really brings the outdoors in, especially if you don’t have a garden. It’s such a beautiful way of making the home feel cosy. If you don’t have green fingers, start with something easy – cacti and succulents as they can withstand a little more neglect before they give up on you.

What Next?

London living with friends is better all round and Shared Ownership is a great way of doing it and also creating that dream home of yours. Find out more about buying a Shared Ownership home with a friend.

This video also gives a better understanding about Shared Ownership

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