How Does Your Garden Grow? - Part 2

Last week we shared with you stylist Joanna Thornhill's innovative garden 'fake-over'. This week we are featuring her ideas for some very stylish and economical planting ideas. 

Pots painted in spray paint, from a selection, Plastikote.

Pots painted in spray paint, from a selection, Plastikote.

An old fruit basket makes for a pretty tiered planter when lined with hanging basket lining and filled with trailing plants.

Found dumped on the side of the road, these tyres make surprisingly good large planters. By creating a β€˜bottom’ with some plastic sheeting punched with holes for drainage, it provides a happy home for numerous blooms.

Cut flowers from the garden look sweet displayed in a vintage milk bottle holder.  

Old food tins are given a new lease of life, spray-painted and then used as planters (with drainage holes punched in the bottom) and candle votives (with a star design punched in the side to allow the light to shine through). Both were created by punching a nail through the can with a hammer, to puncture its surface.

This unusual tiered plant stand is great for making the most of small spaces or balconies, and helps stop smaller plants looking too disparate.

Some leftover emulsion paint was used to add streaks of painterly colour to this cheap terracotta pot, with pinks selected to pick up on the Fuchsia plant it houses. The pot was sealed with two coats of PVA glue inside and out, to prevent the paint from running off whilst allowing the terracotta to breathe.

Lined with hanging basket lining, this cute colander was just 50p from a local charity shop and makes for a sweet planter.

Feature and styling: Joanna Thornhill.

Photography: Rita Platts.

This feature originally appeared in the July 2014 issue of Heart Home mag. All stockists and prices were correct at time of publication.