How to Choose the Ideal Dining Table for a Small Space

Many homes these days have to cope with small rooms and/or rooms that have to multi-task. This can be quite challenging for both family life and for entertaining. However, making smart choices when buying a dining table can easily turn a small dining space into a chic, comfortable focal point in the home.

Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture Choice, shares with us 3 helpful tips on choosing a table that works well in small dining spaces.

Kingston Round White Table £149.99 from Furniture Choice

Kingston Round White Table £149.99 from Furniture Choice

1. Pick the right table shape and style

The heart of the home is where people come together for meals and conversations, so choosing a suitable dining table is vital, especially when space is at a premium.

“Consider the room layout and obstacles before making a new purchase,” Rebecca advises. “The shape and design of a table might affect how it fits around the room, along with the number of chairs it can accommodate. Round tables are great for tight spaces, and their rounded edges reduce the risk of accidents for a more family-friendly home. Pedestal tables are also excellent space-savers; the central base frees up more legroom while also maximising floor space.”

“When it comes to style, the possibilities are truly endless. A rustic table in walnut or grey wood lends a comforting presence and can be paired with practical wooden chairs, or styled along a chic, bistro-feel with comfy fabric seats. Or, for a modern take – glass tables are perfect for that extra oomph. These tables score big on style with different silhouettes and materials, from polished steel legs to statement wooden pedestals.”

Highbury Oak Extending Dining Table with Bali Chairs £529.99 from Furniture Choice

Highbury Oak Extending Dining Table with Bali Chairs £529.99 from Furniture Choice

2. Opt for an extending table

Small dining spaces will benefit from an extending table – the winning formula is its ability to lengthen and transform a space for parties and gatherings.

Extending tables are popular picks for most homes, but they’re extremely crucial in smaller homes and apartments,” Rebecca says. “These centrepieces are ideal for big gatherings, and can be kept to their original, compact shape for everyday use.”

“There’s a variety of extending styles to choose from, but it’s important to invest in one that works best in tight spaces. Butterfly leaf tables extend quickly and efficiently, and folds neatly under the table when not in use. Depending on budget and room size, there’s a table for every room – think classic, rectangular tables to practical round centrepieces that lengthens out for dinner parties.”

Square Chrome And Glass Dining Table With Grey Renzo Chairs from Furniture Choice

Square Chrome And Glass Dining Table With Grey Renzo Chairs from Furniture Choice

3. Choose a table that can multitask

Styling around a compact dining space also means investing in furniture that pulls double duty.

“It all comes down to strategic planning and shopping smart,” Rebecca says. “Think about how the table will be used at home and where it’ll be placed, without throwing the rest of the space off-balance. Look for a sturdy centrepiece that multitasks as a handy kitchen counter, dining area or comfortable workspace. If smaller tables are the go-to here, opt for lighter builds that can be moved against a wall when not in use, freeing up valuable floor space.”

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