How to Create the Perfect Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are a modern and chic way to showcase your favourite images and your unique individual style whether it be through artwork, family photos or fun typography. But do you ever wonder how those clever instagrammers manage to achieve such a balanced and seemingly effortless style? Well, believe it or not, there are some rules that might make it easier.

Clare Moreton, photo expert at Cewe, Europe’s largest photo printing company, has compiled a guide to show you how to make a stunning gallery wall in your home or office space, that is easy to create and makes use of beautiful memories and flaunts your individual style.


Image: Mineheart

1.Simplicity and symmetry

Refined, stylish, and really easy to put together, choose several gallery wall prints in identical sizes, and hang them in a symmetrical manner. Don’t skip the spirit level and tape measure!

The effectiveness of this look hinges upon its uniformity. Make sure there is an equal amount of space between each photograph- at least two inches. To ensure this look stays chic not sloppy, measure and mark out your wall, and step back for a second look before bringing out the hammer and nails.

Want to take this photo wall idea to the next level? Try using images that all share a common colour theme. The easiest way to do this is to print all of your pictures in a monochrome or sepia tone.


Image: Latte Design

2.A uniting theme

Our favourite aspect of this trend is just how well it can showcase your individuality - using a common theme across your artwork can really bring your whole wall together. Choose something you’re passionate about; display holiday beach photographs alongside nautical paintings for a fresh seaside-themed wall, combine family pictures with graphic prints featuring your favourite inspirational quotes, or dedicate a whole gallery to your much-loved pet.

Whatever your tastes or passions, you can create a wall that tells your story. It’s a great way to give house guests an instant snapshot of your interests, but more importantly, it gives you something to smile about every time you enter the room.


Image: Dunelm

3.Go vintage

Looking for photo ideas with a hint of nostalgia? Why not create a family photo gallery wall with old family photos hanging around in a drawer or a photo album? Whether they’re your own adorable baby pictures or glorious black and white shots of your ancestors, they can make a gorgeous addition to your photo gallery wall.

Keep in mind that these precious pictures are often at risk of being faded by exposure to sunlight. If you’d like to display your family pictures without risking the originals, use a specialist photo company to make copies so they last years on your wall.


Image: Furniture Choice

4.Go eclectic

If uniform lines and symmetry aren’t your style, an eclectic mix of styles, sizes and types can create a gallery wall to really show off your creative side. Mix framed photographs with typographic art prints – if you’re feeling really brave you can even add in other pieces like maps and clocks. This type of style works best if you take a playful attitude to your materials; a framed print of a favourite memory alongside a stunning travel shot realised in a vibrant Aluminium Print, juxtaposed with a soft Canvas Print featuring your furry friend.

Try mixing up your frame types too, such as a combination of black and gold frames for a brave, modern look that really draws the eye. Your arrangement will need to be more freeform with this kind of gallery wall, so we recommend placing your largest item first and then positioning your smaller items around it.


No two gallery walls are ever the same which means they’re the perfect way to have something truly unique in your home or office space. Whichever design you like best, gallery walls are an easy yet stylish way to show your own individual style