How To Do Cosy Monochrome With Atkin And Thyme

Coco Chanel famously quoted: 'Black comprises everything. So does white. They possess absolute beauty. They are in perfect harmony.'

Golden and brushed brass tones are arguably just as timeless as monochrome, so coupled together, it's understated chic!

A monochromatic decorating style works perfectly for rooms of all shapes and sizes, by way of white walls to reflect light and black accents for added definition. Mix and match textures within the same colour palette to achieve harmony and depth. This is why we are loving this styled entrance from Atkin and Thyme.

The Anatolia Distressed Wool Patchwork Rug  with its vintage, overdyed pattern is perfect for adding interest and tactile warmth. Golden and brushed brass tones are big news for 2016, their timeless appeal weds well with equally eternal monochrome. The Madison Console Table  combines angular, brass plated lines with a dusky shade of charcoal, proving a sophisticated and versatile piece of furniture. Illuminate these finer details with warm lighting; a stylish glass table lamp, like the Genie  with its hand blown glass base will further liven up the interior.

Other products that work well on this trend is the geometric Eclipse 3D Cushion. The Otis Button Back Linen Armchair is also another fab buy as it is finished in natural linen that counters its statement and contrasting zigzag side and back panel.