How To Get The Country Look Using Tiles

With rustic looks coming more and more in to fashion, you may be wondering how you too can get this charming country look in your home. Luckily, it’s very easy with the use of tiles. When thinking of getting this look, you’d be mistaken in thinking that the first place you should start is with the accessories. Before you think about these extras, you need to first start with the foundation of the design, which is where tiles come in to play. 

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Wood Effect

There’s no denying that wood is your shortcut to getting a country aesthetic. While wood looks gorgeous, it often requires more maintenance than tiles for example. Tiles are safe for use with underfloor heating, are easy to clean and less easily damaged. This give tiles a distinct advantage over natural wood when it comes to your flooring. Some wood floors aren’t safe for use in rooms with fluctuating temperature, like conservatories. With wood effect tiles however, you won’t experience the troubles of expanding and contracting floors, giving you the chance to roll out that country look across your whole home.

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You can’t get much more rustic than a slate tile. It’s earthy look and texture adds a stunning depth to a room. This, paired with weathered wood furniture and leather seats, creates a harmonious blend of old and new. The way in which they are made means natural slate, or even slate effect tiles, have a blend of browns and greys that bring in that nature inspired look that is crucial to any country aesthetic. Slate floor tiles are great for busy or high traffic rooms like kitchens or hallways since they are incredibly durable and very hard to damage. Similarly, their naturally uneven, textured surface will stop you from worrying about scratches or surface damages since they will just blend in with the existing texture. 

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When it comes to your kitchen, a great way of brining in that homely atmosphere is with patterned tiles. We don’t mean geometric and funky designs, but more traditional patterns. Whether that be a plaid or farmhouse design, the key is to keep it old fashioned. You can get that modern blend with the accessories, which we will touch on later. Your tiles are the foundations for your whole look, so focus on getting these right first. Patterned tile splashbacks in kitchens or bathrooms give that charm and familiarity to a room so are an ideal go-to for a farmhouse design. 

Wood Effect Tiles

Wood Effect Tiles


You can’t go far wrong with a plain tile. The blank canvas that allows you build strong designs through other elements, the plain tile is a staple piece to any home. The main advantage of opting for a plain tile is that when it comes to selling on or redecorating your property, you won’t have to retile since the plain design adapts to every look. If you choose a plain tile, you can look more to the accessories to get the look, which might be more your thing. 


Once you’ve installed your tiles its time to think about those added extras we mentioned earlier. In your kitchen, think copper pots and pans, vintage inspired appliance and furniture with a well-loved look about it. Match these with dark or mid wood fixtures, candles and fresh flowers for that true country finish.