How to Holiday Proof Your Garden

There’s nothing worse than going away on a much needed holiday, only to return to a garden full of dead plants and a general neglected air. And that’s before you have to cope with a mountain of dirty laundry and an empty fridge! 

But luckily, horticulture experts at have compiled for us a guide to remind green fingered Brits to complete tasks like weeding and deadheading plants before jetting away.

“When you’ve spent hours in the garden pruning and preening, the thought all your hard work going to waste whilst you’re enjoying a well-earned break is slightly distressing – and rightly so. But there are several steps to take to minimise the damage, all of which are easy and straight forward”.

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1. Deadhead

In the week before you go away, remove any faded or dead flowers. This will force plants to concentrate their energy on new growth, resulting in lots of flowers when you get home.

2. Mow

Give your lawn a light cut the day before you go away – but don’t be tempted to cut too low or you could risk scalping the grass, leaving it susceptible to scorching from the harsh sun.


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3. Weed

The day before you leave, go round the garden and pull up any weeds you can see. Spray weeds on paths, patios, and driveways with a store-bought weed killer, or a homemade solution.

4. Cover your soil with mulch

By putting a protective layer of mulch or bark on top of soil, borders and containers will be able to retain more water or rainfall, using it later when they need to.


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5. Group potted plants together

Grouping potted pots and containers together will further reduce water loss by creating localised humidity, as the leaves of neighbouring plants both emit and trap the water vapour of each other. They should, if possible, be placed in a position that's shady for most of the day and where they'll still receive rain. 

6. Plant saucer

Put plant pots onto terracotta saucers with a little bit of water in the base so the plant can draw up from it if it needs to.

7. Water

Give all of your plants a good dousing of water just before you leave – every little helps!