How to Home Stage Your Property for a Really Quick Sale

Sometimes property sellers need a very quick sale. You might be relocating for a new job or need a bigger house for a growing family or you’ve found your dream home already and can’t wait to move in.

Whatever your reason for wanting to sell your property fast, there are a few key actions that will get prospective buyers interested. And, the more appealing your home looks to buyers, the faster it will sell.

How can home staging help?

You have little more than 10 seconds to make an impression on a prospective buyer. If you want to sell your property quickly, you need to make a positive impact straight away. This requires more than just a deep clean and tidy-up.

To get buyers interested you need to think about how your home is dressed. This means lighting, furnishings, interior design and greenery.

Here are 11 tips to help make your property stand out from the crowd and get a quick sale.

1. Go Minimal

The first rule of getting your house ready is to declutter. Remove all unwanted objects from each room. This includes cupboards, wardrobes, and bathroom cabinets. Especially any ornaments or personal memorabilia — you want to depersonalise rooms as much as possible. Aim to get rid of least 30% of your things. You can throw these away, recycle or place in storage.

2. Curate Furniture

Remove all unnecessary furniture to free up space. This doesn’t mean empty your house out entirely. But, buyers struggle to visualize living in a place that is empty. Rather make sure the furniture you include serves a purpose e.g. a table to indicate a dining area, or a well-placed cuddle chair with a rug thrown over it for reading. Show off any period features — especially if they are in good condition. Fireplaces and wooden flooring are very desirable to buyers.

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3. Sort out Lighting

Get the lighting right. Hands down this is one of the most important house staging tasks. Dark spaces are unattractive to buyers. Make the most of any natural light you have — remove heavy curtains and any obstructing furniture or clutter. Turn on all lights even during day-time viewings. Add table lamps to darker zones to brighten them up. To create a warm ambience, change light bulbs to soft glow.

4. Decorate Wisely

Navigate carefully between neutral and boring. There’s no doubt that earth tones work better than more bright colours on walls. You want to sell your house not your taste in interior design. But, a splash of colour on an accent wall can also brighten up a drab room and create a modern feel.

5. Be Nosy

Go along to a few viewings of similar properties and get inspiration for what works and what doesn’t.

6. Manicure the garden

This is one of your most prized assets. Its worthwhile spending time making it presentable and attractive. Make sure you maintain a mowed the lawn. Dress up garden furniture with cushions and rugs. Make it more appealing by adding flowers beds and updating old paving stones.


7. Accessorize

Mirrors are a wonderful accessory as they reflect light and makes small spaces feel bigger. Place them in corridors, rooms. They also work well in small gardens.

Don’t forget to add fresh flowers in rooms.

8. Home Furnishings

Add a little luxury by adding soft furnishings and cushions. Place rugs in specific places like by the kitchen workbench. Buy new towels and bedding. Throw a blanket over the end of the bed for added comfort.

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9. First Impressions

Before your buyers even steps inside your house they will be forming an opinion of what to expect. This means the front of your house needs to look as great, as the inside. Give your entrance the ‘wow factor’ by ensuring it is clean and tidy. Add a hanging flower basket, install outside lighting and update outdated door numbers with a more contemporary style.

10. Create Flow

Leave doors open to encourage buyers to wander comfortably around your property. They should be able to see inside the room immediately so make sure your best features are clearly in sight.

11. Banish bad smells

Bad smells will keep your property languishing on the market. Smoking and pet smells are a big turn-off. Place potpourri and scented candles around the property — perfect for small shelves. If you have time, bake bread and make fresh coffee on viewing days. This will fill your property with comforting smells adding a sense of homeliness.

By investing time in home staging your property, you will attract more viewings and interested buyers helping you sell your home fast.