How to Make a Small Room Feel Larger

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Smaller bedrooms can be very cosy and inviting, but home owners often want to make their box room look as large as possible. While you physically cannot increase the square foot of a bedroom, without paying a fortune for an extension, there are several ways that you can trick the eye into thinking the bedroom is actually fairly big.

Here are 5 ways that you can trick the mind, and the human eye, into thinking that your box room is even bigger than it is:

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1. Less Clutter

If you can avoid having clutter, or multiple items of furniture in the bedroom, then this will add more floor space, therefore making the room seem bigger. The question is, how do you get rid of the clutter without having anywhere to put it?

A great option would be to check out this Happy Beds blog for advice on how you can add extra storage to a bedroom, or have a major clear out and finally throw out those clothes that you can no longer fit in.

2. Mirrors

Most rooms look smaller as they don’t have an awful lot of natural light coming in. Rather than taking up a lot of space with bulky lamps and lights, placing mirrors tactically on the wall would reflect the light from the outdoors, making the room seem bigger in both the daytime and the night time. Placing the mirror near a window will maximise the amount of light that comes in.

3. Keep it Simple

It can get tempting to add bold prints to a smaller bedroom but keeping the walls and furniture simple really would make the room look larger. Choose a colour that you love on the walls and then try and match the furniture in similar shades. By doing this, you will get a spacious feel and you don’t need to compromise on getting smaller furniture, as the big, statement pieces will blend into the background, therefore tricking the human eye.

4. Floor to Ceiling Curtains

By adding long curtains to a window frame, it can make the ceilings look dramatically higher. Of course, if the ceilings look higher, then this can make the eye think the bedroom is bigger in both length and in width too.

5. Invest in a Rug

Not only do rugs look great, and add cosiness to a bedroom, but adding a rug to a bedroom can also instantly make the room seem larger.

Rugs can help a room feel pulled together and creates the illusion of the room having more square feet. Plus, it is a great way to add a pop of colour to a bedroom!