How to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Areas This Summer

With summer approaching the last thing you want to do is be cooped up inside your home. Sweltering temperatures, lack of indoor air conditioning or just small rooms can make anyone feel cooped up and trapped during the warmer days of the year. Instead, try out some of these top tips to get you outside in your garden as much as possible. Wasting that glorious sunshine will simply not be an option.

1. Extensions to different rooms

Your garden is your connection to the outside world, so why not have it on show by connecting it to an alternative room in your house with an extension. With a bifold door, glass door, or sliding door, your kitchen, living room or dining room could be the window to your greenery. Not only will this aid you to bring in some natural light to your room, as well as a means of cooling it if it grows too warm. Don’t be scared to host a party from your kitchen while your guests sit outside. After all, it means that they can relax with a fancy drink, while you can cook their supper and remain active in their conversations. They can even use the opportunity to watch you work and gain some cooking tips.

2. Practicality and Furniture

Sometimes the summer period can bring in a range of unexpected guests that will want a place to socialise with you. The garden is a perfect place to share a few summer smoothies or snacks, so be sure to invest in enough chairs and furniture that can accommodate a small party. Don’t just buy a garden set though. Take your time and stroll through different furniture until you find a theme that you think will suit your garden. This can be with the material, such as bamboo or wooden themed furniture, or even with bean bags, hanging seats and cosy garden blankets. If you wish to go for a camping theme, you can even invest in a chimney. For what could be better than a fire to warm yourself up when the night comes.

3. Water Features

A water feature doesn’t always have to be large and extravagant. Invest in a small bird bath, mechanised fountain, or even consider creating a small pond to encourage wildlife to explore your garden. With the right foliage, your garden can look like a tropical paradise. Not only will the prospect of water encourage animal life to make their nests, or you could buy fish for your pond, but you can also use it as a means of keeping cool during a sweltering day. If you keep the water clean and fresh, as well as free from any insects or animals, then you can use it to splash yourself cool while sunbathing.

4. Quirky Furniture

Your garden will reflect your personality so don’t be scared to make it quirky. Whether this be with lights within glass bottles strung against your fence, or traditional statues of the Buddha, or even just a small meditation area at the side of your garden on a decking, make your garden suit your needs, for it is you that will be relaxing in it.