How to Make the Most of Your Spare Room

Are you looking for ways to make the most of your spare room? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here you can learn how to utilise your space and transform what is currently used as a dumping ground into a multi-functional room.

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Invest in a Desk 

A desk is a particularly practical way to make the most of your spare room. Whether you work from home on a permanent basis or bring the office home with you from time to time, you’ll always have a dedicated place to type away. 
While it’s all very well setting up your laptop on the dining table downstairs or creating a work station somewhere in the lounge, you’re certain to get distracted. Invest in a desk and you’ll have a peaceful spot to knuckle down to work when you need to.
If you don’t want a desk to take up too much of the room, a wall-mounted desk is ideal. This space-saving solution will provide you with a place to work without compromising on space.

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Buy a Clothes Rail

If your bedroom wardrobe is brimming with outfits, you’re better off finding another place to store your collection of clothes. Rather than buying an additional wardrobe, get your hands on a clothes rail.
Not only is this a cheap way to store your clothes, it’ll give your spare room a bit of character. In fact, when you enter the room and see your gorgeous garments hanging from the rail, you’ll almost feel like you have a walk-in wardrobe in your home. Carrie Bradshaw, eat your heart out.

Set up a Gym Corner

Do you ever fancy doing a quick workout but don’t have time to get to the gym? Well, if you store equipment in your spare room, you can squeeze in a routine whenever you like!
You don’t have to buy especially expensive equipment; pick up some dumbbells, a Swiss exercise ball and a yoga mat and you’ll be good to go!

Say Hello to a Sofa Bed

A sofa bed is the perfect way to introduce a stylish statement into your spare room. This practical piece of furniture can be accessorised with cushions and throws in order to create a chic and cosy place to lounge in peace.

Better again, you can offer your guests a comfortable night’s sleep when they come to stay. Forget putting them on a blow up bed for the night; transform your sofa bed into a comfy sleeping spot in seconds.

About the Author – Joy Richards is the sleep and wellness specialist at Happy Beds, the UK’s fastest-growing bed store. At Happy Beds, Joy blogs about sleep science, shares her trusty tips and inspires with her stylish bedroom design ideas.