How to Plan a Stylish Accessible Bathroom

Disclaimer: Collaborative Feature in association with Mobility Plus.

Getting old is inevitable, but it’s not just the elderly that need accessible bathrooms, the disabled or injured need them too and they don’t have to be boring by any means.

Use these four simple steps we’ve worked together on with Mobility Plus on to ensure your accessible bathroom looks as good as any other bathroom.

Mobility Plus Walk in Showers.jpg

Use all of the Space

If you really want to make the most out of your bathroom then you need to measure it thoroughly to get the best results. It’s no good guessing what the size of your room is as this can be a very costly mistake when it comes to buying tiles and bathroom goods.

Before you purchase any of the items you plan to put into your bathroom, take note of all measurements and draw up a floor plan. A floor plan will help you to see if they all fit in the style you want them to. Showers often work well behind inward opening door or if you’re going for a both then they can often look best against the longest open wall.

Pick a Colour Theme

Even if your bathroom is going to be an accessible one, it doesn’t have to be a muted colour scheme by any means. We have seen a huge influx of green and blue metro style tiles in bathrooms and even the use of fun printed wallpaper above tiles and around mirrors.

There are so many fabulous tiles available now so if the rectangular metro look isn’t for you, there are hexagonal, small or large squares or even mosaic tiles that are found in all different colours to suit any taste.

For the floor, if you’re using tiles then there are an abundance of wood effect or marble effect tiles that can work really well in any bathroom.

Choose your Bathroom Goods

If you are looking for items such as a walk-in shower or even a walk-in bath then these will have to come from a specialist such as Mobility Plus. Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes so you may even need a custom made shower or bath which isn’t as hard to come by as you think.

One of the perks of having a walk-shower is that it is flush with your floor tiles so there’s no step into the shower. These can look really stylish if you use your tiles within your shower as opposed to having a shower tray.

Accessorise Well!

The key to finishing your bathroom is all the little touches you add once the room has been decorated and the bathroom fitted.

You can purchase some really unique towel rails, toilet roll holders, and mirrors to give your new bathroom a splash of personality. You could even pick some fun artwork to put on walls that you aren’t using for storage.

Creating a bathroom you love that is also practical may seem like a tough job, but it’s really rewarding and you will get many years of use out of your wonderful new room.