How to Use Colour in the Home

Interiors specialists FADS have dusted off their paint palette and created this graphical guide to using colour in the home. It’s long been recognised that colours have an impact on the way we feel; choosing colours to encourage certain moods is an interesting way to approach interior design!

The infographic shows the emotive responses we have towards colour and offers interesting tidbits about our attitudes to different tones. It concludes with a guide to using colour in the different rooms of our homes.

Unless you’re after a floor-to-ceiling colour block look, we’d suggest using these colours as accents against a more neutral scheme. So if your kitchen is a place where all the family like to hang out, keep things cheerful and energised with a sunshine-coloured feature wall and some retro orange accessories. Or incorporate pastel purples or greens in your bedroom to give it an airy, relaxed feel.

Take a look at the infographic below: