Inside the studio of Sarah Hamilton

Sarah Hamilton Prints. Styling by Joanna Thornhill

Down a leafy lane in Dulwich, artist Sarah Hamilton creates prints, cards, woodblocks, trays and other delightful products. Her Mid-Century house was renovated with great care and it's simply stunning with views over the city. The studio itself has an inspiring atmosphere, filled with colour. Sarah draws inspiration from textured materials and is 'obsessive' getting her colours accurate when printing - designers take note!

Sarah's Dulwich studio

Pebbles, seeds, leaves and fragments of nature are recurring themes in Sarah's artwork, her style is instantly recognisable and has been refined over many years. She also works as consultant for interiors projects.

Sarah often uses watercolours as part of her design process.

The product range includes mugs, cards, prints, woodblocks and most recently, a lovely range of tea trays. Click to view some more images in the gallery below and browse the shop on Sarah's website for more.

Photography by Yeshen Venema. Styling by Joanna Thornhill.