Inspired Sitting Rooms

Putting a room scheme together is never an easy task. Even interior designers and stylists have to start from somewhere. It could be something as simple as a beautiful rug, or a piece of art that will get the ball rolling and inspire a colour scheme, or start the basis of a moodboard.

Styled by Elkie Brown and photographed by Jon Day for Heart Home magazine.

Styled by Elkie Brown and photographed by Jon Day for Heart Home magazine.

But when it comes to our own homes we usually choose something more personal as a starting point. It could be a hobby, or a particular passion that expresses our personality, or could be the things we have collected whilst travelling that we want to see around us on a daily basis. We can still learn a lot however from the professional stylist and pull a together a coherent scheme using high street furniture stores by following a few simple rules.

All products available from Argos.

1.       Choose a couch and other large items of furniture in a neutral shade and stick to classic shapes. The sofa above is available here.

2.       Pull together disparate objects by sticking to a restrained colour palette. In this case it is black, white and grey.

3.       Lift the scheme by using one accent colour (yellow is used here) but stick to smaller objects and have only one or two.

4.       Choose a variety of textures on soft furnishings to make the scheme warm and inviting.

5.       Vary the shapes of accessories to stop the scheme from being dull.

Our stylist was inspired by travel in the first photograph. She chose graphic patterns and shapes that have more than a hint of Africa without going overboard. The suitcase coffee table is a nice finishing touch and continues the travel theme. So, by sticking to these guidelines it is possible to create a comfortable scheme that will be worthy of a magazine spread but still let your own personality and particular interests shine out.