Interior Design Inspired by Fortune Telling for The New Year

Getting your fortune told for the new year ahead is a cultural tradition around the world, and Atrafloor have been inspired particularly by the practice of Palmistry (or palm reading), to create a modern design based on the four major lines that can be found on every person’s palm.

This harmonious design by Atrafloor (shown below) incorporates the Life Line, Heart Line, Fate Line and Head Line - the most important and revealing lines when it comes to palm reading. 

Hand Illustration square.jpg

The patterns of the palm have been deconstructed and used to craft this geometric, grown up Memphis-style motif that also features a luxe, coloured marble texture - a key interior design trend foretold for 2018.


In Palmistry, a palm reader tells a person about their health, intelligence, relationships, ancestry and what lies in wait in their future by interpreting the most prominent lines on the palm.


Mindfulness and good vibes are a significant theme for the new year ahead, and the serene palette, balance of the palm line motif and sleek simplicity of this design are inspired by the reminder that fortune telling brings each year - that it's important to be mindful of the direction we're headed in and to actively learn more about ourselves.

palmistry pink - palm reading - wall mural - kj.jpg

See if you can spot each of the four palm lines in the Atrafloor design, that is fittingly named Palmistry.

All flooring is made-to-order and priced at £59.00 per square metre.