Introducing Alrun Nordic Blankets

You may be forgiven for thinking that we've gone Nordic mad here at Heart Home. We've been sharing how decorate as a Scandinavian, how to cook Scandinavian and we've recently shared a Nordic website as our 'Website of the Week'. And last week Arianna and I travelled to West Sweden for a few days and yes, we're a little bit obsessed.

Alrun Nordic Blankets (2).jpg

So naturally we'd like to share this latest find. Alrún Nordic Design is a small family company based in Reykjavík, Iceland. Since 1999, they have been creating original bindrune jewelry in the spirit of a Nordic tradition which is more than a thousand years old. And now they have added blankets to their website.

Alrun Nordic Blankets (4).jpg

Their gorgeous Nordic wool blankets are woven from pure Icelandic wool, dyed especially for them in Iceland. The exceptional quality of these blankets reflects all the best characteristics of wool produced in the Nordic regions – warmth, durability, breathability, and water-repellency.

Alrun Nordic Blankets (3).jpg

"As with our jewelry, our latest homewear designs are rooted in ancient
Norse tradition, with our patterns based on our very own Love and
Strength bindrune symbols. Reflecting the evolution of bindrune-making
through the reiteration, mirroring and overlapping of the symbols, the
meaning of each symbol is thus embedded into the fabric itself."

Alrun Nordic Blankets (1).jpg

Available from Alrun Nordic Design