Introducing Annie Sloan’s Coloured Linen Range

Welcome to the new Annie Sloan’s Coloured Linen range.  Coloured Linen is designed to complement Chalk Paint™ and Wall Paint.  Each fabric contains two carefully chosen colours from the Annie Sloan palette, with the web and warp woven together to produce a complementary effect.  The fabrics have been tumbled to give them a soft texture, whilst maintaining the strength to make them suitable for all upholstery projects. 

 ‘ Annie Sloan Paints Everything ’ published by CICO Books; photography by Christopher Drake

 ‘Annie Sloan Paints Everything’ published by CICO Books; photography by Christopher Drake

Annie Sloan says:  “Colour combinations are the linchpin to all my work, both for painted furniture and interiors.  I don’t believe that colours exist on their own – they are part of the colour story.  My recently launched range of linens is, for me, a total triumph as at last I have woven fabrics dyed to match the exact colours from my paint range. I have chosen these colours carefully to make both vibrant and strong, as well as subtle and soft, combinations.  As you will see in my new video - one of the great joys of this fabric is the way that it fringes very easily - fringes are created simply by snipping the edge of the fabric and tearing a strip!”

The full range of ten Coloured Linens includes:  Aubusson + Provence, Louis Blue + Graphite, French Linen + Old White, Scandinavian Pink + Provence, Emperor’s Silk + Florence, Coco + Duck Egg Blue, English Yellow + Antibes Green, Napoleonic Blue + Barcelona Orange, Emile + Graphite, Old White + Violet.

The fabrics comprise 55% linen/45% cotton, are 137cm wide, priced at £29.95 per metre and available exclusively from Annie Sloan stockists. 

All photography by Christopher Drake.